Duel of Screen of iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4

Duel of Screen of iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4
It feels familiar if you see the Samsung Galaxy S4 andiPhone 5 Apple being compared, in terms of specification, benchmark, until test results. But, what happens if both phones is pitted advanced durability.

From the side of the screen, the Galaxy S4 comes with a 5-inch Super AMOLED technology. Meanwhile, the iPhone 5 screen LCD equipped with In Plane Switching (IPS). Armed with the quality of the screen, which of the two that has stronger endurance?

Intrigued by it, a young man of TechSmart test endurance and body screen Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 by dropping the device from various heights and other extreme trials.

To record this endurance test, Mashable on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 launch, testers using three different cameras. One camera is placed in front of the examiner, about 2-3 feet to see the overall testing process.

GoPro camera recorder placed on asphalt for photographing device when collide with asphalt, and the other camera is the camera of the device, respectively.

When dropped, the camera accidentally left on both devices. It simultaneously examines the extent to which each security camera phones.
The first stage, they were dropped from a height of adults. Once dropped, both the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 just leave abrasions on the corner of the device.

Furthermore, both phones were dropped from a height of 2.1 meters. From this height, the start screen and casing durability tested. At this stage, the Galaxy S4 began to show cracks in the bottom of the screen, but the phone still works. Meanwhile, the iPhone 5 just scuffed at the edges.

Do not stop there. Both were re-tested from a height of three meters, equivalent to the attic roof.

As a result, the screen getting damaged Galaxy S4, cracking the screen is getting worse. So does the camera. This phone "died" in the first day.

While the iPhone 5 screen remain smooth, without cracks. Just add the rear blisters.

To prove the durability of the screen of the iPhone 5, Apple's flagship device is tested. This time is more extreme, the iPhone 5 by a car at a slow speed.

Once crushed, the iPhone 5 is still on. The screen is not cracked at all. However, there is a little crack in the back of the phone, near the camera.

Yes, for this category, the Apple iPhone 5 may be called a victory of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Congratulations, Apple!

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